Oľga Kovalčíková

Oľga started her professional career as a software developer for several applications. Her strong analytical thinking allowed her to naturally transform into analytic positions and later take on leading roles as IT manager.

Since her first contact with Agile in 2010,  she tried to lead her teams, colleagues, and companies to develop software more effectively in an agile way, because she can see the differences between waterfall and agile mindset-way of thinking.

In 2020 she joined ScrumDesk team as an agile mentor.

Consultancy services

  • Understanding Agile principles.

  • Re-design of products to better fit an agile way of development.

  • Product Owner practices.

  • Mentoring of Product Owners.

Profesional expertise

  • More than 20 years of experience in software development, project, work stream, and resource management.

  • Teams design, on boarding, coaching and leadership.

  • Business and functional analyst, IT processes and specifications.

  • Training and mentoring teams.

  • Product Owner.

  • Scrum Master


Certified Scrum Product Owner


English, Slovak

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